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DrugAge Genie

Identifying drugs, compounds, and supplements that may extend lifespan in humans remains an area of ongoing research. However, valuable insights have been gained from studies on model organisms. The DrugAge database, consisting of 1,316 entries featuring 418 unique compounds, draws from research across 27 model organisms, including worms, flies, yeast, and mice. Our agent enables users to quickly access all relevant information from this database in a matter of seconds.

Genetics Genie

Do you have questions about genetics? Whether you're curious about the genetic causes of diseases, exploring how genes impact your daily health choices, seeking information on family planning, or uncovering a family history of inherited diseases, our agent is connected to the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) database and other reliable sources to provide you with the answers you need.

Clinical Trials Genie

The registry of clinical trials, ClinicalTrials.gov, holds registrations from over 400,000 trials in more than 200 countries. To easily navigate among the registered clinical trials, we have created this agent. Which clinical trials are registered for a particular disease? Which of them are interventional? What outcomes have they shown? Get answers with just a click.

Longevity Map

Which genes influence our capacity to reach centenarian status, and how do these genes impact various pathways? The LongevityMap database serves as the most comprehensive repository on the genetics of human longevity. We have enhanced this database by incorporating details about both beneficial and detrimental variants associated with each gene. Whether you are intrigued by the genetics of human longevity or have your own genome data, our agent is ready to give an answer.

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